Hunty-Gout / Granny Tax

Hunty Gout

 Hunty Gout is a Scottish turn of phrase, often used when kidding somebody with an April Fool joke before noon on 1st April. This week the Con/Dem Coalition did a Hunty Gout on the country’s hard pressed families by the implementation of the Bedroom Tax; a charge on all public sector tenants of an average of £14/week, for any spare bedroom in their publically rented home. This wickedly cruel tax is being levied on striving families whose only sin is renting their home from the Public Sector. The Government’s Hunty Gout came in the same week they were giving a taxpayer handout of £100,000 to each of the 13,000 millionaires whose annual income is £1M+/year, some of whom are Cabinet members. The Bedroom tax is punitive, cruel and unfair; it hits at people who can least afford it. It is already being compared to the Poll Tax from the Tory governments’ era in the late 80’s and 90’s. I predict it will suffer the same ignominious fate. The sooner the better.  

 Granny Tax

In last year’s Budget, Chancellor Osborne announced a “granny tax”, “caravan tax” and a “pasty tax”. The was such an outrage and revolt on his own backbenches that he “U” turned on the Caravan and Pasty Taxes but didn’t move on the Granny tax which removed the previous extra tax allowance for over 65’s. The over 65 pensioner’s allowances ended this week.

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