Lib/Dem Goose / Tory Gander

Lib/Dem Goose

Nobody was fooled when Nick Clegg sought to pre-empt calls for his resignation at his Party’s Brighton conference this week by going on You-Tube to apologise to the country for tripling Student Tuition fees, when he had pledged not to increase fees at all. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” was the lyrics to the musical version on You-Tube. The mocking response was universal as was the opinions of senior Lib/Dems such as former leader Paddy Ashdown who reminded him that Liberals don’t do apologies.

Tory Gander

What was good enough for the Lib/Dem goose soon became attractive to a Tory gander, i.e. Cameron’s Chief Whip Rt. Hon Andrew Mitchell MP. The Downing Street police officer verbally threatened and abused by Mitchell was experienced at protecting the public from a wide range of moronic individuals who often thrust themselves at him with menacing attitudes and grandiose opinions. Being referred to as Pleb i.e., an ill-educated person of a lower social class would not have phased him either. Mitchell should resign and apologise to the Police Force from the backbenches. Again we look to the PM for leadership. He should give him the offer he can’t refuse, i.e. go or be sacked.